About Caduceus Intelligence

Caduceus Intelligence Corporation (CIC) is a technology spin-off company of the University of Arizona (UA) located in Tucson, Arizona. CIC has an existing 10-year long non-exclusive licensing agreement with the University of Arizona to perform cutting edge research in the field of Healthcare IT. CIC has been awarded two National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR/STTR Phase I grants (NSF Award ID 1417181 and NSF Award ID 1622788) for the work it is doing in partnership with the University of Arizona.

CIC has extensive research and development partnerships with prestigious research institutes in TaiwanChina and Denmark and has also received research funding from the National Taiwan University and University of Southern Denmark.

Our mission: Empowering people through technology in the field of healthcare.

Our research:

We successfully launched our first product DiabeticLink in Sept. 2014 in the US. DiabeticLink is a diabetes patient disease management portal featured for health tracking, drug safety, health information resources and community social networking. Our project titled “An intelligent diabetes self-management dashboard to improve patient care.” was funded by the NSF SBIR/STTR phase I grant (NSF award ID: 1417181) for the year 2014-2015.  The technology has been adopted in Taiwan (DiabeticLink – Taiwan), and Denmark (PatientAtHome).

CIC’s most recent project focuses on developing a smart and connected home health monitoring system for senior care. This project titled “Advanced analytics for health progression monitoring and fall detection in a novel home health monitoring system.” was recently awarded the NSF SBIR/STTR Phase I grant (NSF award ID 1622788) for the year 2016-2017. You can find more information about SilverLink here.